10 Ways to Tell If Your Partner Might Be Manipulative

The most important thing for any woman is to feel that she is loved and to be the center of the universe for someone. However, sometimes a woman may doubt the feelings of her partner in a relationship, and then the question arises of how to understand whether he loves her or not.

Do you want to know what a man feels for you? Try to simply observe his behavior, and then objectively evaluate it. When talking with a guy, always pay attention to his reaction. Look how he behaves with you around his friends, and so on.

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Despite the fact that the concept of love means something deeply personal for each of us, many things in this intimate matter remain universal. The following ten ways can help you understand whether your partner doubts his feelings:

#1. He has a backup plan. If he is checking his dating site or is communicating with other women too much, this is a bad sign.

#2. He sounds excited to see you, but is never available. His actions should always match his words. Otherwise, this is a sign of his unserious intentions.

#3. His future plans do not include you. He makes his own plans and you understand that you are not there.

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#4. He is not as physically affectionate. He does not kiss you or touch you all the time.

#5. He focuses on his own needs. He is very selfish and thinks only about himself.

#6. He subtly gives you reasons to leave. He tries his best to make you leave him.

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#7. He makes elaborate excuses. He does not consider it necessary to explain something to you, just makes excuses and that is all.

#8. He gives too little information. He does not answer a lot of your questions and you know little about him.

#9. He is slow to respond. You text him and he cmay reply after days.

#10. He avoids commitment. A serious relationship means to have commitments. However, he avoids this.


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