Top 5 exercises to help tighten loose arm skin in your 40s

How to tighten the skin on the hands of many women do not know. Because this problem bothers them only after 30-40 years. In gyms, most coaches offer a whole range of exercises to strengthen the muscles so that the figure looks tight and the skin is elastic.

But often a few pay attention to our arm and arm muscles, resulting in a very unpleasant phenomenon-a dull skin on the hands. This phenomenon occurs very often due to rapid and intensive weight loss, when we remove fat, and loose skin remains.

Therefore, rapid weight loss is not always the right option. The skin does not look firm, especially when you do not exercise. But knowing some exercises for tightening the skin of the hands, we can easily fix it even at home, which gives us the opportunity to save time and money.

For the exercise for the hands to not hang the skin we need dumbbells or bottles. Dumbbells you can buy at any sports shop. Weight dumbbells need to be selected for your physical development, fit weight of two or three pounds. Exercises will do to strengthen the triceps, as in everyday life we ​​often biceps swing, wearing heavy bags, a child or other gravity.

#1. Triceps Dips

#2. Plank

#3. Pullover


#4. Lying Chest Fly


#5. Triceps Extension With Cobra


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