3 reasons he loves your plus-size curves

There’s an inaccurate idea spreading around that men are not attracted to plus-size women. This is simply not true at all. Actually, just as there are men who love thin body types, there are plenty of men who really love curvy, juicy, plus-size bodies. Maybe you’ve never thought about how your plus-size body could be attracting men because you were too busy listening to the false ideas that are sometimes spread in the media. Well, listen up because it’s your time to shine.

Here are 3 reasons men love all your curves:

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#1 You’re Confident in Your

Body As a plus-size woman, you know that you’ve had to build your self-confidence on your own, most of the time, because the media and common images aren’t exactly boosting you up. Well, guess what? That true and deep confidence and feeling of comfort in your own skin is what men love most about you. You know your body, how it works, and what makes it feel good. You can communicate your needs to a man, and they love that.

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#2 Those Curves are Smoking

Forget the photoshopped images that are sweeping magazines and internet advertising. All men know that this isn’t real and they don’t find it attractive, anyway. Men are turned on by real women. This means that when they see your curves in all the right places, they go crazy.

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#3 You Have Junk in the Trunk

Men love a nice butt, let’s face it. When you have that extra juiciness, chances are a good portion of it will fill out your backside. Your booty is one of your biggest assets in attracting a man as a plus-size woman.

To make an even bigger impression on men, spend some time using specific exercises to sculpt your butt and firm it up. Appreciate it and have no shame.

All body types are special in their own way, and plus-size shapes are no different. Embrace your size and love your curves.


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