The phobias and fears of each Zodiac sign

Perhaps you did not even think about the reasons for your periodic emotional discomfort, although in reality that is how hidden fear of something that is caused by your zodiacal characteristics can manifest itself. Are you afraid of loneliness, of losing consciousness or getting stuck on the escalator, panic from the height and not endure many other things?

You can try to deny these fears or keep your phobia in secret from other people, but the stars know them as well as your personality traits and characteristics. As a rule, in horoscopes we can recognize certain character traits, habits and behavior of each sign.

This information for many is priceless, because they are confident in the fate of their zodiac sign. It is time to expand the assortment and talk about the fears that every Zodiac sign has. Find your sign and find out which phobia you are most exposed to. So, what fear did the stars condemn you to?

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#1. Aries. Decisiveness, initiative and courage are traits related to Aries. These people are strong both in body and soul. Their natural fear – claustrophobia.

#2. Taurus. They are friendly and calm people, which are not fully revealed to everyone. In general, Taurus rarely has a phobia. It is just that they can give up their fears without paying attention to such trifles.

#3. Gemini. These people have no equals among all Zodiac signs in the volatility and inconstancy. They are able to give their thoughts a convincing form, which gives them the opportunity to get rid of a number of fears and feelings.

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#4. Cancer. They are vulnerable, impressionable, extraordinarily shy people, often locked in themselves. Not everyone can boast of such an assortment of fears: fear of beautiful women; fear of men; claustrophobia, depth, darkness, punishment and public appearance.

#5. Leo. Extraordinary courage, energy and nobility – this is the characteristic of Leo. It is very hard to hurt the pride of Leo, the assumption may be that his merits are in doubt.

#6. Virgo. The very modesty and sophistication. They have enough fears. They are very dependent on the opinions of other people, they are afraid of their opinions.

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#7. Libra. People who are in search of the golden mean. They have a panic fear of reptiles (especially snakes and frogs are terrible for them) and insects.

#8. Scorpio. They are single-minded, energetic, enduring, talented people with dignity and strength of will. This is a rare sign that practically does not know fears.

#9. Sagittarius. They are confidently walking through life. Sagittarius is purposeful and incredibly energetic. Faith in mysticism gives them fear in an evil spirit. Claustrophobia is also well known to these people, because they are a freedom-loving sign.

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#10. Capricorn. They are happy from the birth, the stars guarantee success in life. They can have the fear of flying and the fear of a large crowd of people.

#11. Aquarius. This is the most talented sign. Fear of pain and fear of loneliness are phobias inherent in Aquarius.

#12. Pisces. They are the greatest dreamers. They have a strong faith in mysticism and everything mysterious, which contributes to the development of their fear of evil spirits: ghosts, witches, spirits and aliens.

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