Top-8 signs of emotional and mental exhaustion in a woman

Sometimes we are crazy about our lives: we get pleasure from every minute and cannot wait for the morning to enjoy new happy moments. However, there are times when everything changes dramatically. You are turning into a completely different person. You no longer enjoy life and do not wait for the morning. What is it?

Most likely, you experience emotional and mental exhaustion. The effects of exhaustion can manifest both spiritually and physically. As a rule, emotional exhaustion occurs after the energy-intensive events, in which we were involved and spent most of our forces. So it is very important to maintain a balance between energy consumption and its accumulation.

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Today, we want to show you a list of 8 signs of emotional and mental exhaustion. If you notice something similar in your behavior, then it’s time to fix your life. You just need to restore the emotional resources of the body, such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And now scroll down to see the signs of emotional and mental exhaustion!

#1. Fatigue

How can you discern the fatigue of emotional exhaustion from ordinary fatigue? Everything is very simple. You have a good and strong sleep, you can drink about 5 to 7 cups of coffee a day, but you still feel tired. Constant fatigue is the first sign of emotional and mental exhaustion.

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#2. Crying for no reason

During emotional and mental exhaustion, people are not able to control their emotions. So, even the simplest trifle, like broken glass, can make you cry.

#3. Irritability

When people are emotionally or mentally exhausted, they can experience bouts of anger or constant irritability. They do not want to deal with the source of irritation; on the contrary, they are even more irritated and unable to control it. Even small things can make them angry and irritated.

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#4. Physical Symptoms

Emotional and mental exhaustion can lead people to physical disorders. You may experience intestinal problems (vomiting and gastric distress,) headaches, TMJ due to grinding your teeth, or shoulder pain due to hunching your shoulders.

#5. Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is the main feature of emotional and mental exhaustion. For example: you are very tired and want to sleep, but you cannot, because you cannot control your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts deprive you of sleep and make your body to stay awake.

#6. Where is the motivation?

You cannot cope with ordinary matters. You have neither the strength nor desire. You just want to sleep all the time to get rid of your overwhelming emotions.

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#7. Detachment

You are not able to feel anything, bad or good. In fact, you cannot feel normal human emotions. Anhedonia is a kind of emotional detachment that can prevent you from feeling pleasure or joy. This means that you are emotionally and mentally exhausted.

#8. Hopelessness

Hopelessness is the main factor of emotional and mental exhaustion. This indicates that you have crossed the line and can remain forever in this state. Hey, if you feel this sign, you urgently need to seek help. It’s not too late to regain your old life. Act!

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