10 implicit relationship problems, which signal an end to having feelings

At school we are taught mathematics and languages, chemistry and physics, at the university – the wisdoms of various sciences. However, unfortunately we enter the life without the most important education – the science of building human relationships.

All our knowledge in this area is either gleaned from the parent family, or acquired by stuffing cones on our own forehead. So, when serious problems arise in your relationship, it is not easy to find the right solution in your life.

Dangerous things that can not be ignored in a relationship can be determined by every person. Treason, threats and physical violence are clear reasons for parting. However, what if there are no obvious problems, but the relationship is still hanging on? It is not easy to distinguish a habit from true love.

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#1. The partner seems to be worse than before. In fact, a person has not changed – your attitude towards him has changed. Permanent mutual irritation is a clear sign that it is time to end the relationship.

#2. You are looking for rational reasons to be together. If your thoughts do not say anything about love, but they say that it is just convenient for you to be together, it is better to find the strength to get out of the exhausted relationship in time.

#3. It became boring to spend time together. Your evenings are dull: you do not fool around and do not cuddle, but sit in different corners, checking your phones.

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#4. You began to trust each other less. You do not hurry to share interesting events, thoughts and feelings, but prefer to deal with them yourself or to tell your best friend. Lack of trust is a bad sign for a relationship.

#5. You avoid thinking and talking about a common future. If your goals no longer converge, and conversations about joint plans are only annoying, then it is worth pondering.

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#6. You try to minimize his participation in your life. It is not about not disturbing your loved one with trifles; you just want to interact as little as possible.

#7. Your partner has moved to the end of the priority list. Now it seems to you that there are a million more interesting things in the world than meeting him. You would prefer to communicate with friends, walk or exercise.

#8. You specifically provoke conflicts. You do not understand why you break on your partner, raise your voice and make fun of him. Perhaps your love has ended and now you perceive your partner hostile, but you can not admit it to yourself.

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9. You do not want to solve problems. You are ready to admit that the relationship has become worse than before. However, you are not going to do anything about it.

#10. You have opened this article. Surely you also understand that there is something wrong in your relationship, otherwise you would not look for such materials and would not read them.

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