12 signs of an unhealthy and painful relationship

When the couple is happy, partners do not have anxiety or doubt about the relationship. However, some relationships do not really have future. You can distinguish healthy relationships from toxic, such that instead of joy bring grief and pain, by several features.

Our relationship is an important part of our life. If you do not get along with your partner, then the feeling of disappointment will come to you for sure. Since every person has bad habits with which he lives his long life, it would be foolish to expect that in relationship with you he will certainly change for the better.

On the contrary, at this moment those latent traits of character are emerging, which seemed not so bad, or even not bad at all. Habits in a relationship can be worse than any bad habit: it is disrespect, and hostility, and irritability – everything that gradually becomes the norm.

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#1. The partner is constantly competing with you. In a healthy relationship, both partners grow and develop harmoniously.

#2. You feel that you have no energy. If you started to sleep less, lost weight or gained weight, and constantly feel like a squeezed lemon, perhaps there is an energy vampire next to you.

#3. You are guilty for everything. In an unhealthy relationship, the partner does not see the cause of problems and failures in his actions and is always inclined to blame others, especially you.

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#4. You need to change and to improve for him. In an unhealthy relationship you are compared to others, while your partner openly talks or politely hints that it would be nice for you to change something in yourself to become better.

#5. The partner speaks only about himself. He is not able to sympathize and empathize with others.

#6. All your actions are criticized. You will always be wrong.

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#7. The partner controls all your actions. Your companion is literally possessed by the desire to subjugate your entire life.

#8. He is too jealous. The partner does not trust you, reads all your messages and scandals because of harmless texting on Facebook.

#9. The partner is constantly offended. Your life is not devoid of drama, and all your actions offend your partner up to tears.

#10. The partner did not learn to speak your language of love. Problems arise if the partner does not understand what you like and what you really need in love.

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#11. You have too different biorhythms. In a healthy relationship, it is possible to find a balance and change habits, so that both feel comfortable.

#12. You stopped having sex. It is difficult to argue with human nature: physical intimacy and regular sexual life are a necessary attribute of a healthy and strong relationship.

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