6 signs that body is crying for help

How often do you hear your body? Can you hear it actually? These symptoms may mean your body is screaming out for help.

#1. Your liver and gallbladder are in danger when you demand more and more sour foods. This is not the case if you are pregnant, or just became a mom, these are your hormones playing games.

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#2. If you are sleepless at night and have spasms, this may be a sign of magnesium lak. This component is important for your heart, muscles and brain, and you’d better visit your doctor.

#3. If your gums bleed sometimes, this means you need more vitamin C which will keep you mouth healthy, especially taken naturally from fruits and vegetables.

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#4. An immense desire to eat seafoods points out that you need more minerals, microelements and nutrients. And again, this is your hormones if you are pregnant, nothing to worry about.

#5. You want more and more sugar. This appears when you eat too many sweet or junk foods and leads to sugar addiction and more serious things. Try to replace sweets by natural products, like fruits and vegetables, greens and beans.

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#6. Are salty foods usual for you? Fight it because it can lead to excessive liquid in your organism, or even this may be a sign that there is an inflammation somewhere in your organism, which is a more serious problem.

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Go to your doctor if you experience any of the signs above, and stay healthy and wealthy!


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