7 secret places man dreams woman touch him

Very often we treat men just like the stronger half of the population and forget that they may be just as sensitive and as easy to hurts as we are. Some of you may already be aware of the fact that men also like to cuddle and to have charming discussions not to mention a little gossipy time. That is why it should not surprise you that men like when you touch them, especially when you touch them at the right moment and in the right place.

If you think that all the touching is interconnected with sex – that is not true. That is why we are going to introduce to your attention a list of seven places that your man would like you to touch without even the slightest hint of sexuality involved.

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#1. The face

He does like it when you take his face in your hands and caress it gently.

#2. The neck

Men like to get close to you, and there is no better way to succeed with that other than to hug, but while you do so make sure that you place your hands around his neck and touch the back of it gently.

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#3. The lips

You do not have to necessarily kiss, which is a pretty good option too, but you can gently touch his lips with your fingers.

#4. The butt

Very often that place is left for the men solely, but he likes when you touch his butt too, keep it in mind.

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#5. The skin

No matter where you touch it – the feeling of skin on skin is one of the best for men.

#6. The ears

This one may come as a surprise, but it is very intimate for men.

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#7. The back

We all go through a lot of stress during the day, and a nice massage or simple caressing of his back may relieve him of all that he went through, and he will surely appreciate it.

credit: freepik


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